Key Features of Home Automation & Home Audio/Video



Home automation can turn your regular home into a futuristic smart home by incorporating security, climate, and home gadgets.


These smart-techniques can be used for effortless and complex functions by amalgamating devices and gadgets that are inside as well as outside your home. Home automation allows you to use your home’s lighting, heating, and appliances more comfortably and efficiently.


Furthermore, you can think of it as a complete system that can control all the major parts of your home and you can set it to suit your personal preferences.


The Technical Aspects of Home Automation

Home automation involves the use of programmed or automated control of electrical and electronic systems in abuilding. A simple home automation system allows you to control home appliances through a centralized control unit.


These include television sets, security cameras, audio, and visual equipment, which allow one to remotely control fans and turn on or off any plugged-in device. The system can also be controlled by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a mobile phone or laptop.


Five levels of Home Automation

  1. Whole house audio (music)
  2. Whole house video (movies and television)
  3. Climate and light control
  4. Security and surveillance
  5. Luxury and comfort



Setting up your Home Automation Audio/Video

Home Audio and Video setups refer to a compact system that channels music and video cable signals throughout the home. Because the system is centralized, speakers and TV screens are the only appliances in each room. Remote or wall-mounted control panels are the control system.


Audio and Video systems which consist of high definition televisions and speaker systems are combined in one compact space. The audio and video system brings the perfect image and sound to your home or your workspace through your optimally located televisions and speakers.


You receive the best quality experience on televisions and projectors while enjoying the best audio experience with a high-grade amplifier and subwoofer, in-wall or independent speakers.


A distributed system of audio and video components allows a smooth experience. With a scattered audio system, music can be accessed through a saved playlist or by a record from the music library.


Centralized controlling equipment from every remote listening area is the key to a successful whole-house audio and video system. With downstream systems, you can use remotes in each listening area to relay commands to audio and video devices just as you stand in front of the devices.


There are three basic methods of configuring a whole-house A/V system are listed below.

  • Single Amplifier/Receiver Driving Speakers in Multiple Rooms: The same music is received in all rooms.

·         Multiple Amplifiers/Receivers Sharing Sources: Multiple amps or receivers are required if different rooms need to hear different resources at the same time.

·         Purpose Made Multiple Zone Amplifier Systems: This may be a cost-effective solution if there are not more than two zones.


Home Automation Brands

Savant home automation and Universal Remote Control are the two most popular brands that make the system work efficiently.


Home Automation with Savant

Savant Home Automation ensures a high-end platform. This allows you to build a smart home using a reliable and flexible automation system. This platform allows you to connect and manage services and devices at the same time.

Some of its featured items are the IP Audio 50, IP AUDIO 125, SAVANT IP VIDEO, RCC NANO ONE(the world’s smallest high-performance subwoofer), Studio Soundbar, Architectural Speaker, Sound Surface (Designed to be heard but not seen, these speakers hide behind the walls while producing amazing sound)


Home Automation with Universal Remote Control

URC provides whole-home automation and control. It provides a total solution for home automation and security. All kinds of home appliances can be managed and operated with the URC, which can also be connected to the Internet-enabled PC. To use URC, we need multiple receivers with wired or wireless communication methods to connect to all devices.


Some of its featured items are the Amplifier DMS-1200, Remote Control with Voice Control TRC-1480, DMS Input DMS-IN, DMS Output DMS-OUT, 6.5” Two-Way In-Ceiling Speakers SP-6LE,10” In-Wall Touchscreen Keypad TKP-9600, 6.5” Two-Way Outdoor Speakers SP-OD6-BL,



Home Automation simplifies your life, your home, your technology. It has been experimentally demonstrated that the home automation system works satisfactorily by connecting the devices to it, and the devices are successfully controlled from the wireless mobile device.


The system is beneficial and easy to use. This new system is not only affordable and easy to implement but is also essential to help reduce energy costs. Home automation enables you to easily tap into previously high-tech functionality and luxury.